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Advertise your multi/pan-fandom RPG!

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Welcome to multifandomrpgs!

This is a community created for users to post ads for their multi-fandom/pan-fandom roleplaying games. There are a few simple rules here:

1. Only Multi/Pan Fandom Games Allowed!
If your game centers on just one fandom, like Harry Potter for example, and doesn't accept characters from other fandoms then your ad will be deleted and you'll be removed from the community.

2. Posts MUST Have Details About The Game!
Details like the follow: What the game is about, where is it being played, how do you apply, etc. No ads like this:
multifandomrpgs multifandomrpgs multifandomrpgs multifandomrpgs multifandomrpgs multifandomrpgs.
Those ads suck.

3. Post Once A Day Only!
If you post an ad multiple times in one day your ads will be deleted and you'll be removed from the community.

4. No Fighting/Ragging On Other Users!
Let's all be adults here, okay?

5. Repeat: Multi/Pan-Fandom Games Only!
I just wanted to make that clear.

6. Use Tags!
A list of tags are already established in the community so please tag your ads.

multi_fandom @ Insanejournal
-This is Insanejournal version of this community.